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I have a doe with very bad lice. Can I bathe her in flea and tick shampoo? Active ingredients are Piperonyl butoxide and pyrethrins


Shaving is not an option--I can go get Ivomec tomorrow but everything is closed today.

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I wanted to update this thread for anyone who has interest in the future...
I rubbed diatomaceous earth on each goat yesterday morning. I used the panty hose, which is brilliant, and coated them well - especially along the topline - and I did an extra heavy dusting on the infested doe. I checked them all this morning and found one single live louse, among hundreds of dead ones, on the doe who was infested. Although there were many, many dead lice on her topline, there were far fewer than there had been alive on her yesterday morning - I assume they fell off as they died and only those caught in her winter undercoat were left for me to see.

Just wanted to post a follow up about how well the d.e. worked!
Thank you for taking the time to update. I try to search the threads on the forum when I want to learn something new. It is such a help. Where did you buy your D.E.? And the brand is?
I meant to special order d.e. from Modesto Milling when I ordered my grain ingredients, but I forgot. I grabbed a bag at tractor supply that is omri certified (Red Lake Earth brand) to have on hand in case of an external parasite emergency and I'm glad that I did... But when I opened it up I was shocked to find that it is gray rather than white. I checked the label and saw in the small print that it is a calcium bentonite and diatomaceous earth blend for adding to the feed; I figured that if they can eat the calcium bentonite, surely they can have it on their skin and went ahead and used it (especially considering how badly the one doe was infested and spreading lice to the rest).

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