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Decided that I need to add some moon spots to my herd , so the search is on for two does. :)   Prefer blue eyes to go along with those pretty spots and a great pedigree.  But a great pedigree with heavy moon spots and brown eyes is ok too.   

Yearling or younger please, unless you are located in Oregon SW WA, Northern CA etc.  Willing to ship for the right doe(s).

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Try Rivendell Farm.  They have loads of moonspots. :)

Have you found any moonspots??  Please show us if you find some new babies. :)

I got this 2 year old last weekend, and I found a blue-eyed moon spotted yearling that I will be picking up in a few weeks.

Beautiful!  :)  I hope she(?) is good at passing those moon spots on!  I have two does, sisters, that don't appear to have moon spots.  They each have one small and very inconspicuous moonspot.  Their mother has a lot, and their grandfather has a ton.  Each of them had a doe kid with quite a few moonspots this year.  They each had triplets, and the other two didn't appear to have any moonspots.  At least I never found any. 

If you're still looking, I have several moonspotted kids this year.

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