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I have a little buckling, born on march 25th, with an interesting eye color. I've been calling them mother of pearl eyes because they remind me of the colors in abalone shells. From a distance his eyes appear grey but when I look closer his eyes are blue in the center and brown around the edges.His mother has brown eyes and his father has (heterozygous) blue eyes.

I'm just wondering if anyone has seen this before, and is he likely to keep this color when he grows up? and What is he genetically blue or brown?(I"ll most likely castrate him, so this is mostly a "what do you think" type question)  

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That is a very interesting eye color! Very pretty too!

That's very pretty!  A lot like my eyes, actually.  I have one blue/green eye and one half brown and half blue/green.  It's halved pretty much down the middle.  I have a daughter who has half brown and half green in both eyes.  She has a brown strip right down the center of each eye.  It doesn't affect anything but our looks. :)


That is very interesting! When my very first goats had kids, I thought I had a blue-eyed kid, so I learned first hand that brown-eyed kids can be born with blue eyes (just like human babies), but they will turn brown. Doesn't happen very often, but it can happen. It's been a long time, but I think they turned brown within a couple of weeks.

One of my first goats had a mottled tan and light blue eye color.  Two of the prettiest eyes I've ever seen.  We had a young doe at the same time that had a blazing sapphire blue.  I never could get used to such a strong bright blue.

I have only ever used heterozygous blue eyed bucks, So I'm never sure what I'm gonna end with when I breed my brown eyed does. I have had kids born with muddy blue eyes that turned brown within their first week of life. But being two weeks old now I'm wondering if he'll keep them. I'm glad I have these pictures incase his eyes turn fully brown. It's surprisingly difficult to take closeups of a kid's eye.

Thanks for all the comments. It's fun to hear what other goat people think. 

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