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On October 25th of 2020, I brought home a buck for my does and the problem is that I was unfortunately not paying attention to when the buck bred my doe. So i have no idea when she was bred however i do know that she should be kidding soon because of the time frame i got the buck. Anyways my doe who was bred is a first timer thus I really don’t have a clue into when she will kid because of that and because of when she was bred. Also i do know that she is pregnant she was ultra-sounded. So can anyone help me determine her due date at all? Thanks

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Hi Sofi- we can narrow it down a little bit for you =) Nigerian Dwarfs typically have a gestation of about 145 days (some go to 150) They also 'typically' come into season around every 3 weeks. If she was in heat (and bred) the day your new buck arrived, she would be due March19th. I would expect her to kid between then and April 20th. Do you know how to check her ligaments? They usually deliver within about 12 hours or so after they are completely dissolved. I would start checking them daily now. Her udder will also get super full right before she has them, so keep an eye on that as well.

Also- it is best not to run your buck with your does all the time, for a variety of reasons, but not knowing due dates is one of them. If you plan to milk them, he is going to rub all over them and you will be handling does that smell like a buck, plus, it WILL impact the flavor of your milk. If not already, he should be separated from the doe before she kids, as he will continue to try to breed her.

Here are a couple of resources to check out-

There is a video on how to check tail ligaments in my goat birthing course. I made it a free preview on the sales page ...

Just page down to the curriculum, and across from "Checking Udders and Tail Ligaments" click on the "Preview" link, and it will help you figure out when the doe is getting close. 

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