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I have a doe who has a single (twin died during birth). I have been milking her from day 1 and froze the colostrum for emergencies. I am wondering how much milk should I keep in the freezer for future kids that might need it? I do not bottle raise, but want some ready if/when needed. Thank you!

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Colostrum is the most important thing to have in the freezer. Be sure it's labeled with the time after birth because it gets more "diluted" each day. For example, I put it in Ziploc bags in 4 ounce increments and write:

doe's name

amount of milk


time after birth (12 hour, 24 hour, 36 hour, etc)

I don't actually save mature milk. At this time I have other does milking so I can give their milk to a bottle baby. But before we had enough milkers to do that, I used full fat cow milk or goat milk replacer. Whole milk from the store works fine.

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