Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

for people who love the littlest dairy goats

Hi All

Excited to have found this group :-)

& looking forward to the introductory series of emails!

Brilliant idea 

We moved to a farm a year ago & Nigerian Dairy goats were on my list to achieve self suffieciency

Not so easy to come by in Sout Africa

I was given two does in May - & one kidded in September. one doe kid (the twin didn't make it)

Just prior to that I got three mixed breed kids from the dairy down the road. One Saanen. One SaanenxToggenberg. one saanen x Deutse Bont (or something!)

I got a one year old Nigerian buck last Sunday.

So I now have a herd of 7!

Not milking yet as the one that kidded is very shy & as I wasn't yet set up, I chose not to put her or myself through the stress

I look forward to learning from all of your experiences, as we continue on this adventure!

Have a FANTASTIC day :-)


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Congratulations on your new herd! You're our second member in Africa that I know of. We have one from Ireland who lives in Nigeria. Are you from South Africa?

Thank you

I am in South Africa - about 200km from Cape Town

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I was wondering if you're originally from South Africa. Have you always lived there? Or did you move there from somewhere else?

Deb Blake-Satchel said:

Thank you

I am in South Africa - about 200km from Cape Town

always lived here. about fourth generation african on both sides of my family :-)

Good luck with your venture.   Nigerians are so great - we love the milk and it makes the best cheese ever.  I have 16 does (more than I need but they are so wonderful there is always one I want to keep from each year).    I also make soap from any milk that we aren't using in the house.     You said your one girl is so shy - a few days of making her do what you need will usually get her over that.    I have been dealing with a very shy FF this past few weeks and she is doing so good now.   Not milking her but she comes and gets on the stanchion for her grain and she is feeding triplets.   

I have a web site    There is some info on there that might help a little.  Ideas that have worked well for us.   Also have an email    Enjoy your adventure 

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