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I've been trying to sell goats since september with no takers. Currently I have 11 goats and I need to get back down to 5, as I recently discovered my county only allows me to have 5!

So it's very important that I sell goats as soon as I can.

I have a website for my goats and I keep it up to date. My website sees about 10 to 20 new site views everyday but still no takers.

I have two 11 month old wethers

Two almost 8 weeks old wethers.( They are from an accidental breeding and are inbred, but healthy). They will be available once the are 8 weeks old.

And Lastly I have two 8 week old boys which I'm offering as bucks or wethers. Reason being I castrated their sire after he bred my does(because I wasn't allowed to keep a buck) and now that he's almost full grown he reminds me so much of he's granddad SG GCH Copper Penny MTB Money to Burn. So I thought I'd give these little guys the chance to stay buck if anyone wants them, but if not then they can be fun loving wethers.

I'm just wondering if anyone's interested or has any tips to help me. 

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Hi, I see you live in Moss Beach. I used to live in Montara, so Hi former neighbor! LOL

Given the area, you could advertise them as sustainable, organic weed controllers. (which they are) It's all about the best marketing terms for your demographic. ;)

There was a pretty long discussion on places to advertise goats for sale a few months ago. As I recall, there were a lot of suggestions. A website doesn't usually help a lot unless you're a fairly well known breeder and people are looking for you. Have you checked search engine results when you search for "Moss Beach goats for sale"? What advertising outlets have you tried? 

I just received an email about this new site:

I have no idea how it works. I just learned about it myself.

Aside from my website my main advertising has been basically asking around to see if someone knows someone who might want them. Since this hasn't been the best was to advertise them,  I've started putting up flyers to see if that gets people's attention. I've also been thinking about posting on craigslist.

Thanks Deborah! I'll look into that website some more to see what it's all about. 

Julieanna: Cool that you use to live here! Your local perspective is really helpful, even though you don't live here anymore. I have thought of contacting one of those places that rent out goats to clear brush to help prevent fires, but I might try now that you mentioned it. Thanks!

You might also see if there is a livestock for sale group on Facebook for your area. For example, I belong to a Facebook group for LaSalle County Farm-something. (Sorry, can't remember the exact name, but you get the idea.)

Also, post an ad on here with your city and state in the subject line.

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