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Hi everyone!

We started our herd last year with 3 pairs: Queen Jenny and her daughter Topaz; half sisters Amber and Onyx; and twins Opal and Pearl. Recently, we added 4 new additions to our herd: pregnant does Sapphire (she kidded Monday night) and Riot (another 6 weeks or so until kidding); and two bucks Trademark and Designer.

We are currently working towards an agri-tourism operation here at 12 Willows Farm where people can visit us to see what we do as goatherds.

Please visit my IG @the_yogi_farmer for more photos and videos of the animals

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Welcome, Ken!  I don't know how I missed your post, but glad I finally saw it. That's so exciting about starting an agritourism business. It's so sad that most people have no idea where their food comes from these days. You will be truly amazed at some of the questions you'll be answering.

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