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I picked up 2 kids about a week ago and they hadn't had much human interaction. We have been sitting in the pen just reading for about 20 minutes a couple of times per day to try and show them we mean no harm. When we first go in the scatter, but after awhile go about their business, but still won't let us touch them or take treats from our hand. Should I bring doing something else or just continue and be patient?

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Hi Jonathan

How old are the kids? Getting used to being with humans will take some time, but do keep in mind that they all have individual personalities and temperaments, and that is also going to effect how 'human friendly' they become =) My goats are all super friendly, but each have their own tolerance for how much human attention they want, ranging from an occasional accepted scratch behind the ear to literally trying to sit in your lap even after they are fully grown!

I find that getting them into a small enough area, such as a stall, and then sitting beside them and getting in a good scratch on the rump area just above the tail or where the neck meets the body along the side are "that feels good" areas that tempt them to stand for more. Avoid standing over them or reaching over their eyes to scratch their head. A small area allows you to get contact without having them run from you. If they are small enough, you can also place them in your lap while sitting on the ground and speak softly while petting them and giving a little comforting scratch behind the ears. You will feel them relax and sink into your lap. Before long, they will be coming up and putting their little feet on you for attention.

This will take time, patience, and persistence. Remember that goats are animals of prey, so they are naturally skittish and apprehensive in new situations. Since they have not had much human interaction, they are likely still trying to figure out if you are friend or foe, but it won't take long =)

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