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I've read several posts/threads about a selenium bucket, and Deborah even provided a link to it from Caprine Supply. However, most of those threads were from c. 2014, and it seems as if Caprine Supply no longer carries the selenium bucket. Any chance anyone here knows where you can purchase the free choice selenium/vit. E bucket. I have attached a link to an online store selling it, but it's $50/5lbs (w/o shipping)?? Hoping it's a little cheaper somewhere else :).

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Fertrell has a Selenium/Vit E product similar to what Caprine Supply used to carry. You will not see it listed on their website.  But my local feed store/livestock supply store called them and ordered it for me.   There are some links in the archives describing Fertrell's product.

Ditto on what Judy said. That's also what I've started using.

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