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Today was my first attempt at milking after seperating momma and babies last night for about 9 hrs. The kids are 5 weeks today. I only got a couple tablespoons. Now I'm worried I will do more harm than good by not letting kids nurse all night and getting such a small amount. She was dont eating and ready to get off the stand! Can this hurt her from not relieving her of enough milk??? Or will the kids make up for not eating all night? 

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Only on a goat forum can we take pictures of our goat's boobs, share them, and have it be acceptable. lol

LOL! Rachel, let me tell you just how right you are. I was looking at a non-dairy herd recently when to my astonished ears I heard a comment about how sick she gets of seeing pics of udders on line. She said she knew they were important but did not understand WHY everybody had to put all those pics on line. LOL I really think it is hilarious. You would have to know the person and the situation to understand just how funny it is, but I laugh every time I think of it because I can't wait to have goat boobies at home nice enough to post them on-line. I figure that falls into that category of "If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand". This is the person I spent my life thinking understood everything. NOT!

LMAO I love it!! lol

When I first got goats, I thought people were so WEIRD for posting pictures of their goats' udders!

Sounds like you are trying to tell us that you have become a WEIRD person since starting to hang out with goats Deborah! LOL It does have an odd affect on a person. You guys are a hoot! 

I have to say I felt weirder after reading a post about kid bucks having one testicle and I went around to all the buck kids feeling their junk.. Then was all excited they all had two! Didn't think twice about an udder pic.


This morning we got 2 ounces. It took us 30 min. There was prolly another ounce that I squirted elsewhere. My husband had to help hold her and scratch her and talk to her to keep her somewhat still for that long!!! Will her orfices get bigger the longer she is milked? 

Yay! Congratulations! I knew you could do it!!! Practice, patience, and persistence works every time. Before you know it, you'll be able to get that two ounces in a minute or two! Orifices don't change much, but teats do get longer. And I wouldn't necessarily assume her orifices are small at this point in the game. I've heard of lots of people who take half an hour when they are getting started. Our goats with the smallest orifices might take 3-5 minutes to milk, whereas the ones with the larger orifices take 2-3 minutes.

WOOOO HOOOO!! Congrats!!

Yippee! Makes me feel more confident for when our time comes. Soooo happy for you!

I separate kids overnight, bring mom in and milk her in the morning and then turn the kids out with her so that I'm only milking once a day until the kids are weaned.  Once there aren't any kids to handle the evening milking for me I milk every 12 hours.

For twins I start separating them overnight at two weeks if they are healthy, and at three weeks for triplets.   When I have quads I pull two off and make them bottle babies at 3 days of age.

I don't feed any grain - ever.   My goats get as much extra alfalfa pellets as they can eat while they are being milked.  The rest of the time they get alfalfa pellets and pasture or if its icy or snowy out I will give them grass hay.

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