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I will be purchasing my first 2 or 3 goats this Spring and would like to hear any advice you have to give on what questions I should ask, what I should look for, etc.  I live in Nebraska.

I am getting goats to use their milk for multiple purposes.  Also, they are just so dang cute! lol. 

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Welcome to the group and to the wonderful world of goats!

Here are a few tips on buying goats: -- how many goats to start with

And then here is some basic info on goats so you can start getting ready with housing, fencing, etc.

Talk a lot to the breeders, ask questions. Read/read get all the information u can get. This is the best place, the videos, great info, and a lot of experience breeders, who knows and can/ help u. This is where we got a lot of our information, and still do. Wonderful start.

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