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Guys I’m looking for suggestions on helping a buck fatten back up. He’s finished breeding for this year and while I know bucks tend to lose weight during rut his weight loss seems excessive. He is skin and bones. I’ve increased his hay and he always seems to have a lot left over now. He also has access to some browse. I haven’t noticed any odd chewing but I’m going to watch him more over the next few days. He was recently dewormed. He seems to be pooping normally he’s just progressively gotten skinnier and skinnier the last few months. I was thinking about trying something like calf mana to add weight. Has anyone had success with that? Thanks for your suggestions I want to get my guy back to peak health!

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Other than a couple of diseases that you really don't want, it really sounds like worms. When you say he was dewormed, what do you mean? What dewormer was used? What strength? What was the dosage exactly? How often have you used that dewormer on him? 

Ok I just need to be more serious about it then I guess. I’ll call my vet out. He had a Dumore pellet dewormer because I already had some and that’s what I was thinking was his problem too. I just wanted to try to get something in him ASAP but I’ll try to attack it more aggressively. 

Dumor does not make a pelleted dewormer. Dumor medicated goat feed is a coccidiostat, which prevents coccidia. Adults don't normally have a problem with coccidia. Medicated feeds are really just useful for kids at weaning, which is when coccidiosis is most likely to occur. 

Pelleted dewormers would only be Safeguard or morantel tartrate (sold under different names). Other dewormers would be ivermectin and Cydectin (moxidectin). Here is more information about using dewormers:

Note that you need to double the cattle or goat dosage on the label for the ones I've mentioned. 

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