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Our first time freshener went into heat, we bred her and then she came back I to hear again 6 days later. We need her both times, but now are unsure of what to consider her due date.
145-150 from the first heat or the second?
She is huge, ligaments still very much palpable, and on day 144 from the first breeding. What do you think?

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Most of the time when that happens, the second due date is the correct one. HOWEVER ... the way Murphy's Law of Goats works is that if you ignore that first due date, they'll surprise you with kids. So, I always write down all due dates and check the doe regularly near each one.

Yes, you are certainly right about Murphy's Law.  We are on 146 after the first heat/breeding and She is showing some signs of labor.  Ligaments have softened considerably, she is isolating herself, wants to have me stroke her or touch her constantly, and seems uncomfortable.  We shall see how the night goes!

It's amazing how goats' ligaments change differently. One goat will have soft ligaments for two weeks while another had them as firm as concrete until 24 hours before she kids! 

Good luck!

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