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Can someone give me an idea of at what age kids are no longer likely to fit through the cattle panel openings? I'll have 4 wethers coming in the next 2 months and they'll be 8- 10 weeks old when we bring them in.  The combination feedlot panels at Tractor Supply that would take care of the problem are so much more expensive.  Thank you.

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I have never used cattle panels  -- only the combo panels, and the combo panels do not keep ND kids contained until they are several months old. So the cattle panels would be a problem for even longer because the openings are even bigger. Not every kid figures out that they can fit through the holes, but with four of them, the odds are not in your favor. Once one figures it out, the others will follow. We have attacked chicken wire or welded wire to the combo panels. You will have to go up a lot higher than you expect.

In the end, it's all about how smart your kids are and how desperate. If there are four kids that know and love each other, odds are good that no one will try to escape. It's when you're trying to wean kids, and they can see mom on the other side that you have a problem -- or when you have bottle babies that want to get to you (mom). 

Thanks, Deborah.

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