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Kidding Season 2015 is DONE as of today at MigMog Acres!! It was GIRL SEASON!! 8 kids, 6 doelings. Now to decide who I get to keep. lol 

#1 Single from FF Born June 7th

Name Theme: Asian Foods (mom's name is Kimchi)

Doeling: Wasabi 

#2&3 Twins Born June 10th

Name Theme: Wildflowers (mom's name is Lavender)

Flashy Doeling: Poppy

Buckskin Doeling: Petunia (I think she might have some moonspots.)

#4, 5 &6 Triplets Born June 10th

Name Theme: Silver Screen Stars (mom is Lucy: ie Lucille Ball)

All Black and White Belted to some degree L-R:

Buckling: Unnamed

Doeling with frosted ears: Unnamed

Doeling: Unnamed

#7&8 Twins Born June 18th Name Theme: Austin Powers (mom's name MiniMe)

Flashy doeling: Unnamed

Black and White Buckling: Unnamed

So I can see that I'm bad about getting around to naming things... lol

What I think is so cool, is that the two flashy girls are from separate sires, and one of the sires isn't flashy at ALL! Both of them look like they *should* have been from the same sire, but they're not. 

Any thoughts on names within the themes I have would be welcome!! 

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lucky you 

 the last pic ?do you have another pic of the one it looks like it's being licked?

so cute from what i can see

good luck trying to pick which ones to keep which ones to rid of...

I have pics, but they're on my phone! 

Congratulations! So adorable! You must be so excited!

Congratulations Rachel!

How did you manage that? We are very jealous because we need does!

Lovely kids.... I like the photo of the one in the pail.

Thanks, Michael! I got super lucky this year! Last year was a buck year, so I'm happy about the turn out this year. 

So many sweeties!  Congratulations. :-)

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