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From the 1# 3oz little weakling - she is now just over a month old and quite the little character.   She can get out still thru the 4 in squares in the fence, under gates and cruises the farm.   She goes anywhere she wants - looking forward to her getting to big to do this.

She goes to the buck pen and helps herself to a bite of hay - into the yard for strawberry leaves and to lay on the porch.   I never know where I will find her, thank heavens she comes running to her name.  Many times we open the door for the dogs and in she comes with them.  Here is picture of her taking a nap in my chair.  Not sure what I will do with her - just a pet I guess.  I somehow doubt she will catch up to everyone else.   I would think she may always just be a little runt.   Poor baby.

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Glad to hear she's doing well. She could still catch up in size to other goats. Almost all of them do, provided they get enough nutrition and don't have any parasite challenges. I have one that was born that small and ultimately became an ARMCH. She is now a retired 11 year old.

Good to hear Deborah - she is sure a pretty but I was thinking that she may stay small.    Some hope for her then.

She may "catch up."  My buyers who bought my senior doe and two kids from May last year, including Tiny Baby (1 lb. 10 oz.) at birth, said that last fall she had caught up with her sister in size.

Never under-estimate the attitude of these little ones, even the littlest.

My little one is catching up and is such a character.  Being so spoiled -she still tries to get to the gate and if she can get in runs to the house door.   I always check nipples - but didn't her's when she was born.   Too busy trying to save her - she has duel teats (never had that in my herd before)  So catching up is not important - she will never be bred.  Have been asked to sell her a couple of times for  a pet but she will not leave the farm - don't want her bred ever. 

I have one like that! She's seven years old now. The picture of the teat spur in my book is her! She's about as tall as a typical 6-month-old kid but is chunky. It's tough to keep dry does from getting overweight.

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