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First Freshener FF Pre kidding udder development...due feb 19, Updated photos, now at 14 days to go.... at 23 days to go...countdown

50 more days to go. Yolanda is getting heavier and just starting to develop an udder. So exciting, this will be our first kidding. Black one is Yolanda, gold one is the buck. she isn't very big so i am guessing a single

Can't really see the udder starting to develop, but it is. looks like the teats may be a little to the outside as well.

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Your welcome, I plan on doing this again with my mini lamancha 

Lori said:

Thank you for posting all the pictures!  As Deborah said, newbies like myself learn a lot from the posts of others.  I read through the post and was saddened to learn of you loss.   

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