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Hi all, my granddaughter (Isabelle) wanted a baby goat for her birthday and so Nana got her one but I had to buy a second one to keep it company. When push came shove I couldn't leave the little brother behind so now I have 3. One is 9 weeks old and weaned himself before I got them a week ago. The other 2 are 4 weeks old and still on the bottle. Patches the 9 week old is Isabelle's  but he is not very friendly and has some problems with loose stool. He seems to be more traumatized by the 6 hour car ride from Illinois than Pickles and Oreo were. He seems to have gotten over it OK and is eating pellets and grass fine (doesn't seem interested in the hay) but is just not very friendly to Isabelle or anyone. She has tried everything to get him to like her, treats in the form of raisins, walking him, petting him, and holding him but he won't come to her or anyone. I have tried not to step in because I want it to be her goat but I'm ready to do anything to help. Pickles and Oreo are doing OK I think, I'm feeding them 2 times a day about 10 oz. each feeding. Does that sound about right? They also nibble the pellets, grass,  and leaves but I'm a little worried they feel a little boney around the hips. They play and jump a lot so maybe I'm just looking for trouble but I'm really attached to the little cuties and I sure don't want anything to happen to them. I had a pygmy goat 23 years ago and I bottle feed her but I can't seem to remember the specifics and she lived to be 13 years old.

Also do I need to get them shots or worm them? The breeder wasn't much help.

Thanks for all the help and I'm really glad I found this website.

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Welcome to the group! Congrats on your new additions!!

How long ago did you get them?

Whether you give them shots or not, is up to you. I don't give my goats shots, but I do worm them. However, I don't just worm them to worm them, or on a schedule. I pay attention to the signs that they may have a worm load, and give them wormer only when they seem to need it. I judge this individually, and I don't treat the whole herd. Just those that show signs they need it.

Re feeding amounts:

they should be eating a percentage of their weight. Can't think of the amount right at the moment.

As for your little guy and your granddaughter, just keep at it!! He may be a bit too young to appreciate treats just yet, but when he is, those are the way to his heart. :)

At 4weeks it is better to do 3 feelings a day of 8 ounces each. Too much milk at one time causes diarrhea. Too much grain also causes diarrhea. A couple tablespoons at heir age is plenty. And when they have diarrhea, they should get zero grain.

For the older one, in addition to treats, if she can get it to be still enough to scratch its back, it may come around as that feels so good.  It will take at least two or three weeks before the youngster feels comfortable enough to come to her.  The only one of my bucklings that comes to me is the one that I started scratching and now he follows me everywhere, nibbling, wanting to be scratched and would jump up on my back when I bend down if I let him.  Kids jump on anything and everything taller than them and we are no exception!

For treats, definitely don't overlook grape leaves, berry leaves, apple tree leaves, etc.  They are goat candy.

Help, I changed the feeding to 3 bottles of about 8 oz. each and now Oreo has diarrhea. Pickles seems fine but I'm worried about Oreo now, it is never ending. Did I make the change too quickly? I just want it to stop and I'm not sure what to do.

Ore0 is 4 weeks old? Are Oreo and Pickles siblings? Were they with their mother or other adults before you picked them up? At 4 weeks, the most likely culprit for diarrhea -- provided their diet is okay -- would be coccidia. If they were previously running with adult goats and being bottle-fed, coccidia is a possibility. If you are bottle-feeding, the easiest thing to do would probably be to buy medicated milk replacer.

I originally missed the fact that it was the 9-wk-old that had loose stools. That could have been stress if it was just for one or two bowel movements, but he could have coccidiosis also, if he has continuing diarrhea.

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