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Parasites and weight gain

I have a few does who have been struggling to put weight on. They don’t have hay belly and don’t seem to eat any more than usual but they a…

Started by Maggie

3 Sep 23
Reply by Tammy Gallagher


Okay so I don't know if it will be too late for anyone to help here but I have a very sick goat. I'm about sure it is parasite. The does ey…

Started by Meme

1 Aug 23
Reply by Tammy Gallagher

New Bucks

I'm being gifted two new bucks from a family member in a couple of weeks after they are fully weaned. They're currently about 9 1/2 weeks o…

Started by Philip Hopkins

1 Aug 16
Reply by Tammy Gallagher

Teat spur

Hi, I read through some of the posts about teat spurs but still had some questions. I bought this registered doeling at about a year old an…


4 Aug 9

Underdosed-what to do?

My niece and nephew have three Nigerian dwarf does that kidded about five weeks ago, three sets of twins.  All the families appear to be do…

Started by Philip Hopkins

6 Jul 29
Reply by Tammy Gallagher

Penis sticks out of sheath

Have any of you ever seen this before? One of my bucklings frequently has his glans sticking out of his sheath. Not fully extending and not…

Started by Maggie

9 Jul 15
Reply by Tammy Gallagher


My 5 week old doe kids have lice. The vet says they probably brought the lice with them from the breeder. He recommended Frontline dog spra…

Started by Jeffrey Wasserman

11 May 23
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

Wether Bleeding from Band

Hi Everyone,   One of my 13 week old wethers has started bleeding from the banded area. He was banded before we brought him home, close to…

Started by Ann Bodling

11 Apr 26
Reply by Ann Bodling

Intro and itchy/mites question

Hi, my name is Leslie and I'm new to the site. I have 3 wethers (triplet brothers all arrived together in June 2020) just about to turn one…

Started by Leslie Carion

27 Apr 10
Reply by Leslie Carion

Copper? Zinc? Selenium?

I’m seeing symptoms in my goats that I believe to be mineral related. However I’m not sure which mineral(s) if it is indeed a mineral issue…

Started by Maggie

24 Apr 9
Reply by Tammy Gallagher


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