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Copper Deficiency

Hello, I am new here. I have a 6 week old buckling who I believe is copper deficient. He has the fishtail. Also the hair down his spine is…

Started by Kayla Walsworth

23 on Tuesday
Reply by Tammy Gallagher

Deworming goats

Hello! I have some questions about deworming goats. I checked all of my adult goats eyelids today and 5 out of 6 had pale\light pink eyelid…

Started by Emma

22 on Tuesday
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

Hair loss with itching

Hello,  I have 3 ND wethers, 2 yrs old. They eat grass hay with free choice Manna Pro goat minerals and some timothy hay pellets for treats…

Started by Leslie Carion

4 May 14
Reply by Tammy Gallagher

Cache Valley Virus: One Breeder’s Experience | For the Love of Goats Podcast Until recently, most goat breeders had never heard of Cache Valley Virus. I heard abou…

Started by Thrifty Homesteader Team

0 May 11

Intro and itchy/mites question

Hi, my name is Leslie and I'm new to the site. I have 3 wethers (triplet brothers all arrived together in June 2020) just about to turn one…

Started by Leslie Carion

31 Apr 20
Reply by Leslie Carion

Hair loss on base of ears, bridge of nose, back of legs

Hi there! I am new to this group and so happy to be here! I live in rainy Bellingham, WA and have two wethers - Mr. Brown & Al - that a…

Started by Taylor Cameron

31 Apr 11
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

Goat Itching Questions

Hi everyone,  I have three ND's and yesterday and today, two of them are stamping their feet as if being bitten or have sudden itching and…

Started by Ann Bodling

6 Mar 18
Reply by Tammy Gallagher

New Goat Dewormer Guidelines | For the Love of Goats Podcast Since parasite research in goats is always evolving, I was excited to see that the America…

Started by Thrifty Homesteader Team

0 Mar 16

Hypocalcemia in Goats | For the Love of Goats Podcast Hypocalcemia in goats, sometimes called milk fever, is one of the most misunderstood…

Started by Thrifty Homesteader Team

0 Feb 23

Pregnancy Toxemia in Goats | For the Love of Goats Podcast During kidding season, lots of goat owners start to worry about ketosis and pre…

Started by Thrifty Homesteader Team

0 Feb 2


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