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Milk Production Expectations

I am looking into purchasing a ND doe and I am primarily interested in milk production capabilities and this would be the foundational doe…

Started by Theresa BLatest Reply

My Goat Kit

First of all, let me say. I don't like surprises. So I've been reading and learning and talking and learning and learning and learning abou…

Started by Rachel Whetzel at MigMog AcresLatest Reply

Movable Pens

Recently I've been asked a LOT about my movable pens, so I thought I'd start a discussion forum about this and help explain better, that wa…

Started by Elyse NicholsonLatest Reply

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Food Aggression and Housing

I have a 3 1/2 month old wether and a 4 month old wether. The younger one was a triplet and is much smaller than the older one. The older o…

Started by Debbie Hinton

1 Aug 21
Reply by Tammy Gallagher

Stubborn goats

Hi guys. So our two bottle fed weathers which are being weaned refuse to drink water on their own. They’re down to 4 ounces twice a day of…

Started by Rob

2 Aug 8
Reply by Tammy Gallagher

Microchipping goats

If you've ever thought about microchipping your goats, that is exactly what we talked about in yesterday's podcast episode: https://thrifty…

Started by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

0 Jul 22

no stand-no milk

My almost 6year old doe kidded two weeks ago.  She wasn't well after kidding, but now she's better.  She has a single, healthy kid.  I had…

Started by Jocelyne Bourque

5 Jul 14
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle

Polled questions

I bought my first polled doe this year. I ended up getting her at 3 days old because the breeder lives really close to me and the mother re…

Started by Maggie

4 May 24
Reply by Tammy Gallagher

Possible parasite?

I am new to raising goats and have 3 kids ranging from 10-14 weeks. I usually refill the hay trough about 3 times per day. I have noticed t…

Started by Jonathan Pearce

5 Apr 17
Reply by Tammy Gallagher

Kids and Minerals

Hi all,   At what age do most kids normally begin licking from the free choice mineral feeders?  Mine 4 wethers are about 10 weeks old and…

Started by Ann Bodling

8 Apr 16
Reply by Leslie Carion

Feeding 12 week old wethers

Hi Friends,   A feeding question...the 4 wethers came last week and took to the hay and the medicated feed well. I am feeding Kalmbach medi…

Started by Ann Bodling

6 Apr 9
Reply by Tammy Gallagher

Feeding does

Both our girls had twins, and r doing great. But, wanted to make sure, we r feeding them enough. They r getting Purina goat chow, alfalfa p…

Started by kenneth spear

6 Mar 30
Reply by Tammy Gallagher

Dry Lot Question

Hi everyone,   Could someone please explain exactly what  dry lot is?  I've read about them over and over but still haven't seen what that…

Started by Ann Bodling

3 Mar 28
Reply by Deborah Niemann-Boehle


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