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Karen Espalin

Amity, OR, United States

Nicole Moscou

Prosser, WA, United States

Maria Fraccica

Brooksville, FL, United States

Megan Green

Kenai, AK, United States

Melinda Barrett-Cusack

Blackstone, IL, United States

Beckie Angulo

Klamath Falls, OR, United States

Carol Harber/Harber Farm

Strafford, MO, United States

Katie Krohn

Westmoreland, KS, United States

Tracy McClain

Eugene, OR, United States

Bridget Vincent

Green Cove Springs, FL, United…

Krystal Keiser

Waterloo, NE, United States

Hawks View Farm - Hunter's Page

Port Republic, VA, United States

Carl Hyaes

Kane, IL, United States

Dena Darling-McBean

Avondale, CO, United States

Linda Wilkey

Manor, TX, United States

Apple House Homestead

Santa Cruz, CA, United States

Debbie Burgess

Lancaster, SC, United States

Jesse Fast

Glen Mills, PA, United States

Donna Sanders

Abilene, TX, United States

Rebecca solomon

Glen Mills, PA, United States

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Need goat equipment?

2-quart milk pail

Mineral feeder (put minerals in one side and baking soda in the other!)

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