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Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Andy Powell's discussion Looking for a registered buck near Chicago
"This group is a great resource. I have bucks available. You can email me privately -- deborah at nigerian dwarf dairy goats dot com (with no spaces, of course) -- and let me know what you're looking for specifically. "
48 minutes ago
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to wendy ward's discussion will a buck mate with a doe that is not in heat?
"Yes, it all sounds normal. I remember our first breeding season back in 2002 with a young buck, a young doe, and two mature does. One of the older does was really beating him up. I was worried that it would make him scared of the does, and that he…"
1 hour ago
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Kate Riggs's discussion CDT shot and limping
"It's hard to say exactly what happened, but in most cases, they get over it within a day or two. Back when we used to vaccinate, I would give the injection over the rib cage for that very reason. There isn't much that can go wrong there.…"
2 hours ago
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Anna L's discussion Rain shelter
"They just have not figured out the connection between being in a shelter and not getting rained on. Usually they learn this from older goats, but if they are the only goats, it's trial and error. What we have done in the few cases where we had…"
2 hours ago
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to wendy ward's discussion will a buck mate with a doe that is not in heat?
"If she is not in heat, she will run away from him and not let him do it again. She will not get pregnant if she is not in heat."
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to wendy ward's discussion will a buck mate with a doe that is not in heat?
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Jennifer Simons's discussion Looking for 5 year oldish Doe in Central NJ
"I never say never, but goat head butting almost never results in injury. The only two negative outcomes we've had in 13 years was a yearling doe going into premature labor from relentless bullying and a buck who wound up with a concussion.…"
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Jennifer Simons's discussion Looking for 5 year oldish Doe in Central NJ
"Introducing one goat to another usually causes a fair amount of head butting. We recently sold a 4-year-old to someone who needed a companion for a single goat that he bought, and he called us almost immediately to make sure they weren't going…"
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Jennifer Simons's discussion Looking for 5 year oldish Doe in Central NJ
"So sorry to hear that! Was she the one who was having hormonal issues and acting so bucky? Too bad you're not closer. I have an 8-year-old that I retired because she had a c-section a year ago."
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Sandra Hess's discussion Buck-unknown condition
"High iron can cause problems with copper deficiency. My bucks had a much worse time with copper deficiency than my does for a couple of reasons. (1) They always got well water, whereas the does got a lot of rain water 6-7 months a year because we…"
Oct 7
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Glenna Rose's discussion Summer visited Stuart today!
"Congrats on catching her in heat! Maybe she'll kid on Feb. 21, which is my birthday. :)"
Oct 6
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Denise Ryan's discussion Newbie in WI
"Welcome to the group! I'm in Illinois, so we're practically neighbors! :) Do you have other livestock?"
Oct 6
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Sandra Hess's discussion Buck-unknown condition
"Losing hair on the bridge of the nose and around the eyes is usually caused by copper deficiency. Sore mouth would have caused scabs, and you didn't mention that. Plus, as you said, it's highly contagious, so your whole herd would have it…"
Oct 5
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Marie S.'s discussion Goat Hot Spot?
"I have always doubled the pour-on dosage, even when using in kids who got lice from their mama within a few days of birth. I know I used to worry about over-dosing them when using more than one dewormer, but as long as you use the correct amount of…"
Oct 5
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Marie S.'s discussion Goat Hot Spot?
"If you use the injectable, you should use it orally at twice the cattle dosage. Injectable dewormers have an insanely long milk withdrawal time. They should never be used in dairy animals."
Oct 4
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Marie S.'s discussion Goat Hot Spot?
"Pour on will work for external but kills only about 50% of internal parasites. Oral ivermectin dewormer will kill sucking lice and mites but not biting lice. You could use a pour on and at the same time use an oral dewormer from a different class of…"
Oct 4

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Pine bark as a dewormer

Started this discussion. Last reply by James Tinker Jun 10. 5 Replies

For those of you interested in natural remedies, check out this study on pine bark:!pinebark/coo1Continue

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Homesteading group on Facebook

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If any of you are interested in extending the online conversation to homesteading topics in general, I wanted to let you know that I have a Facebook group called Thrifty Homesteading. Click on this…Continue

Goat mineral basics

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Hi everyone,Since goat mineral issues come up so often, I've decided to create a post with basic mineral info. Here is a link to an excerpt from Raising Goats Naturally:…Continue

Webinars! (with a discount for group members!)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Myra Isaac Feb 3. 9 Replies

Hi everyone!I wanted to let you know that I'm going to start doing homesteading webinars! People have been asking me to do them for years, and I finally decided that I'm just going to do it! You all…Continue

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At 11:35pm on August 28, 2015, carolyn denison said…

working all day:'(very disappointed.  not able to join conference

At 7:59am on April 28, 2015, Paul Badon said…

Thank You for your invitation to join here....I hope to learn and put into practice much of what I learn .

At 3:28pm on March 4, 2015, Ellen Petrick said…

I am SO excited to have found this community.  My brother got me your book as a sort of joke because I kept talking about how I wanted to move out to the country and raise goats - What Luck he picked YOUR book!  It was perfect.  I really wish I could come to your class this weekend, but I have to go to a fitness conference instead.  So I will plan to sign up for the homestead conference and the goat class labor day weekend as soon as registration opens.

At 7:42pm on September 27, 2014, M. K. said…

Rabbits are definately happier in a larger pen, although, my angoras never seemed particularly athletic.  Compared with other breeds, they sat around a lot.  I keep my rabbits in 4 foot by 8 foot wire pens set on the ground.   The walk-in pens look like little houses.  They  have tarps over the pitched roofs, and  wire floors.   The pens are all kept within the perimeter of a solar charged electronet fence for predator protection.  My charger and fence are from Premier. They are usually a good company to work with.

At 6:44pm on September 27, 2014, Myra Isaac said…
Thanks! Wow that's really sad! I recently got a Great Pyr LGD puppy to hopefully help with our predator issues. He comes from working bloodlines and both parents are guardian dogs as well as grandparents so hopefully he'll be up to the job. I want to build a hutch for my rabbits that has access to some dirt and grass. Completely enclosed with wire buried underneath it or else really deep around the edges. What did you use? I hate having her in that tiny cage even tho I know other people do it. It just seems So tiny and I don't want her to be miserable!
At 2:45pm on September 27, 2014, Myra Isaac said…
Thanks! My new girl was under the weather the other day and I was really worried about wool block. I'm making sure she has some good Timothy hay to much on if she wants now and she seems to be fine. What kind of cages or hutches did you use when you had them? I currently have a wire cage that I put a piece of ply wood in for her to sit on so it's not so hard on her feet. She really likes that board! What did you feed yours?
At 6:50pm on September 22, 2014, Myra Isaac said…
Hi Deborah, I recently purchased an angora rabbit for wool. I have your Homesteading book already but was wondering if you knew of a good Angora care/raising book? Seems like I can't find much online but I probably don't know where to look. Do you know of any good websites? I'd like to have a book with some in depth care/health info for angoras.
At 6:25pm on June 11, 2014, Dave Marschang said…

yeah I have a hell of a time on here knowing when someones replied to something

At 8:56pm on June 9, 2014, Dave Marschang said…

the lamancha doe is very gentle with ginny, and ginny actually seems to enjoy the attention. she appears to be a very gentle giant and even against the other lamancha does her threats seem pathetically gentle. and yes we do want a buck, I don't know that as beginners we need a $600 buck to start. your worst quality buck is 100 times better than the barnyard mutts we have around here so something on the cheaper side will work for us. what do you have available? you website gave me the impression all bucks were sold.


At 7:38pm on June 3, 2014, Dave Marschang said…

well a 6 yr old Lamancha has apparently taking a likin to Ginny, she follows her around pushing her across the stall with her head, then she will stick her head under Ginnys backend and lift her in the air. Not sure what any of that means but Ginny just stands there patiently and takes it. everyone is still doing good and Ginnys diarrhea appears to have gotten better. we have plenty of room at this farm for a buck and will be seriously looking to purchase one soon, not sure if you have any available or not but, will probably be calling soon.

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