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Training Journal - Two Week Update - "Trouble Here, Trouble There"

6/27/11 - Trouble Here, Trouble There

             Been a few weeks since I've updated. Three reasons for that 1). Way too much rain and odd weather for much training, 2). School got a bit hectic, and 3). Not a lot has changed in form of updates.


           Fairy has improved so much! She is driving a lot better now and is picking up on the reining commands. We still have some trouble with her wanting to run instead of walk, but I have found that adding some weight into the cart really does the trick. A small bag of feed or pellets in the back of the adds a bit of resistance to the cart and does not allow her to control speed as well. She can't run ahead anymore. Please keep in mind that weight rules when applying this to your own training. Don't overdue the weight on a goat that isn't ready.


       As soon as this crazy weather lifts and we get a good sunny day, I'm planning of brining out Goose and starting some double training. Now that should be an interesting post!


- WG4


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