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Training Journal - Day One - "Pre-Training Work

6/7/11 - "Pre-Training Work"


        Tonight I did it --- I got into the storage area of the barn to locate the carts. There, behind boxes of barn fans I found my carts, covered in cobwebs, dust, and who knows what. The carts had not been put away properly as I had done in the years past, and some pieces were missing. I had a lot of work ahead of me.

       I pulled out the frame of the first one and began taking pieces off, using my make-shift hammer to fix a few things, and assembled the cart for a single. I gave the whole cart a good washing down and then assembled the box portion. I found a broken piece and got a real hammer to fix this part. I gave it one more cleaning and left it in place for tomorrow's first training session.

       A good lesson here is that your training carts show be VERY lightweight. They should have not weight whatsoever. And, as mentioned above, a good going over before the training starts is a good idea in order to ensure safety.

      It's going to be a rough first start, but it'll work out.




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