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Training Journal - Two Week Update - "Trouble Here, Trouble There"

6/27/11 - Trouble Here, Trouble There        & a few weeks since I've updated. Three reasons for that 1). Way too much rain and odd weather for much training, 2).… View »

Training Journal - Day Six - "Rest

6/12/11 - Rest        &n was a day of rest --- Training will continue tomorrow. View »

Training Journal - Day Five - "Keep On Truckin'!"

6/11/11 - "Keep On Truckin'!"       &nb On days like these, the most advice I can give is just to keep on, keepin' on! Fairy is really starting to pick-up on everything… View »

Training Journal - Day Four - "Nip it in the Bud"

  6/10/11 – Day 4 – “Nip It In The Bud”        & was rained out in this morning, however, the sun decided to come out and break away from the rain clouds… View »

Training Journal - Day Three - "Rain, Rain, Go Away!"

6/9/11  “Rain, Rain, Go Away!”          Today I was rained out by a storm that came through .The wind kept blowing all day quite fiercely and I knew it wa… View »

Training Journal - Day Two - "Who's on First?"

6/8/11 - Who's on First?          what a morning! Got up bright early this morning before the summer heat hit and started training again. I must admit, it… View »

Training Journal - Day One - "Pre-Training Work

6/7/11 - "Pre-Training Work"        Tonight I did it --- I got into the storage area of the barn to locate the carts. There, behind boxes of barn fans I found my carts, covere… View »

A Journey to Working Goat Greatness - Training Journal Intro

Hello Fellow Goat Owners!   I've been training goats for the past five years now, and hit the highlight of my training last year when I showed a team of four goats (made my name mean somet… View »


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