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A Journey to Working Goat Greatness - Training Journal Intro

Hello Fellow Goat Owners!


I've been training goats for the past five years now, and hit the highlight of my training last year when I showed a team of four goats (made my name mean something) at the local show succuessfully and planned on doing bigger things in 2011. But with back-to-back difficult semesters in college, I must admit I've slacked off this year.  I was so happy to have a break from school that when the middle of May came (the time harness review begins), I had no motivation. I assumed it would come back, so I just continued to slack. Well, when June came and the only thing I'd accomplished was shaving the goats I knew I had to do something.


This series of pages will document my journey to earning my title WorkingGoats4 again, as I work to get my goats back in the training shape they were last year. I'll be adding new parts as often as I can and hopefully this will give you a little inspiration as you train your own goats as you see that even some of the best fall sometimes. I'll be posting new techniques and some general tips for stubborn "trainees". Best of luck!




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