Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

for people who love the littlest dairy goats

Now that you have all of your equipment, we can get into the training. You will want to begin by placing your halter on your goat. Supervise your goat as it wears it around its pen grazing. Once your goat has had a chance to wear it, you may begin training.

Place the halter on the goat, and then lead your goat be the collar for two days, so it can associate the halter with training. Day 3 you may begin leading with a halter. Very slowly and gently, try leading your goat with the halter. You can either pull the halter, or use one lead line and pull the goat forward. You will want to do this for the next two weeks. You are training your goat to lead with a halter, which isn’t something they are used to. As you lead it forward, you will want to add commands. Whatever command you plan to use for forward, use it when you lead your goat forward. Use a different word for stopping.

In week three, you can add your left and right commands for left and right. Gently lead or push it either left or right, saying your correct command when doing so. Please remember that commands are one to the hardest things to teach, so be patient.

Work with your goat 5-10 minutes each day.

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Need goat equipment?

Yogurt Maker

2-quart milk pail

Mineral feeder (put minerals in one side and baking soda in the other!)

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