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First off, welcome! I’d glad you’ve decided to begin this amazing journey with your goat. Throughout the next two months, you and your goat will become the closest of friends. You be spending a lot of time together, but you already do that!!

Before you start training, there are few things you need. The first is a collar. Just a regular nylon dog collar will do just fine. This will come in handy many times down the road!
Once you have your collar, you need to collar train your goat. Let the goat wear the collar, supervised. Once it is used to it, begin training by leading your goat with the collar. Do this for a few minutes each day. After a week or so, you should be able to lead your with no trouble.

The second thing you are going to need is a harness – but we’ll get into that later. For right now, you just need a halter and lead lines. Check out this photo for an example of a good halter.

Get ready for a fun experience with your goat!!

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Love the goat! I don't think I recognize her though. Where did you pick her up? (Or is it a him?)

Thanks Deborah! :) It is suppose to be a model of Goose Girl made from paper mache -- the paper didn't quite capture her features though since her own breeder didn't reconize her - :P My sister made it a couples years ago for 4-H.


So, you thinking about training one your goats?


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Need goat equipment?

Yogurt Maker

2-quart milk pail

Mineral feeder (put minerals in one side and baking soda in the other!)

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