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Graphics/Photos of goat skulls - do you have any?

Several years ago, I came across a page which totally explained why our Nigerian Dwarf does should only be bred to purebred Nigerian Dwarf bucks.  To illustrate exactly why, they had skulls of the different breeds of goats which showed Pygmy goats, though they are a small goat, have larger heads than Nigerian Dwarf goats.  It went on to explain that if the kid chooses the genes of the Pygmy (or other breed) goat at conception, that the kids may not be able to be delivered with the smaller, more delicate bone structure of the Nigerian Dwarf doe.
If anyone knows of this page or should come across it, I would so appreciate the sharing of it.  Someone just told someone to only breed ND does to Pygmy bucks which can result in disaster to the doe with the broader, heavier skull of the Pygmy - exactly the opposite of what is safe for the ND doe.
I absolutely regret not having saved the web page where this information was shared.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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I've never seen that, but if you come across it again, please share! I'd love to see it. 

When I saw your subject line, I thought, "Oh, I have goat skulls!" But I only have ND skulls.

I do know quite a few breeders who quit breeding pygmies because they said they got tired of so many c-sections. They said it was because the show standard for pygmies was favoring broader shoulders, which was making it harder to birth them. One of these people was a vet, and the other was my mentor who had been raising NDs and pygmies for 20+ years when she dropped the pygmies and decided to just stick with the NDs. 

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