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My doe just came into heat again and I moved her in with my buck. She is a first freshener but she is very flirty and seems very clear on what should be happening though she sometimes gets rough with him when he isn’t attentive it seems. That said, he seems very confused. When exposed to her during previous heats through a fence he would become excited and end up mounting the other buck with him. Now that he’s with her he seems to not know what to do. He is a year old, she is two. They are matched well size wise and he is displaying other signs of rut but just won’t mount her. I’m going to leave her with him and hopefully he gets it but is there anything I can do to help? I don’t want to wait more than one more heat to breed her because I don’t want her delivering in cold weather.

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If he's never bred a doe before, this is not that unusual. It's good that she's young. Older does can really beat up on young bucks. I'd do exactly what you've done in this case -- leave them together and hope he figures it out. And mark you calendar for 145 days.

Thanks. Today they’re acting like she’s not in heat anymore and I did check her his morning to see if she was bred over night but she doesn’t seem to have been. I did mark my calendar just in case and I also have when her next heat should be so I can try again if she comes back into heat.

You can't tell by looking if she was bred, especially if they were together overnight. Definitely mark the calendar. I'll never forget the woman who bought goats from me and kept calling and emailing saying that they were never coming into heat. Then one day she called me in a panic because they were both in labor! Turns out she left them together for 15 minutes and went into the house one time five months earlier. The way goats breed, it is not an exaggeration to say that you'll miss it if you blink. It only takes seconds.

Ok that’s good to know. I was told that I should see some of the semen leaking out in the morning if she was bred overnight. If that’s not a guarantee then I do feel a little more encouraged. I guess time will tell. I track her heats religiously so if we get to the end of the month and she doesn’t cycle again I’ll assume it took. Thanks again for your help!

I would not expect to see anything the next morning. If you were watching and he bred her two or more times while you were watching, then you might see some semen leaking out, but I wouldn't expect to see anything even half an hour later. They don't have that much semen.

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