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I have tried to find how many times to worm my goats in the forums but can't. I thought I read that you worm them 3 days in a row but don't know where I saw that. I also had a question on the dosage. My vet said to give them 1cc but that seemed like alot. The way I figured it is below>>>>


1 cc per 11o lbs cattle ...... so for a 15 lg goat would be 0.14cc and doubled I should give 0.28cc


Is that correct? Also will the Ivomec help with ticks? My poor babies are getting them bad, they are bad here in KY right now. I try to keep them pulled off but it's getting hard. Thanks!!!

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If it's labeled at 1 cc per 110# for cattle, you are correct. You only need to do it once for internal parasites like barberpole worms (haemonchus contortus). You may have seen a three day regimen, but that would do three days in a row with Safeguard if the goats had tapeworms.

Ivomec doesn't stay in their system long enough to help with ticks on a long-term basis, but it might help for a few days. You people farther south must have a different kind of tick than we do in Illinois, because the ticks up here love us humans and dogs, but they leave the goats alone. Someone else from Louisiana had a terrible tick problem too. You could try a homemade oil with citronella and/or eucalyptus essential oil. You would have to reapply it daily though. If you have any Shaklee Basic H, you might also try that. I know it works well as a fly spray. I always forget the dilution because I only mix it up once a year, so I just always google it.

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