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I wasn't sure which category this would go in, so I just picked.

I have a Pygmy mama doe who had twins. She is old and didn't have any milk, so I am bottlefeeding the babies. They are 3 weeks old, growing like crazy, and healthy. I have sold the mama and one twin, and they are here waiting to be picked up.

My question is, what do I do with the twin I'm keeping, to make sure she's okay? Should the doe and the other twin stay here for a while longer? I worry about Panda staying warm enough without her mama and brother, and also her getting picked on by the other goats once she's alone. I have a Pygmy/Fainting first time mama who is a terror with the other babies, and in the other pasture I have 4 Nigerian does.

We don't get excessively nasty winters here, but we do get serious cold snaps, and sometimes ice storms and the like. We will have a stretch of balmy 80 degree days, and then will get a cold front with a wind chill of 10. (I'm glad we don't live way up north.)

Any thoughts?

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I love this happy ending to a such a difficult story. Best wishes! 

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