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Hi everyone!

I want to introduce you to Tammy Gallagher who will be a group moderator and help me answer questions here. She has been a member of my Goats 365 membership program since the beginning and has taken all of the Thrifty Homesteader Academy goat classes. She raises Nigerians in Texas, so she also brings a different perspective when it comes to weather challenges when raising goats. 

Thanks, Tammy, for joining us!

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Welcome and thank you, Tammy!

Thanks for the Welcome! As Deborah mentioned, my husband and I live in Texas. We started the journey as "farmers" several years ago after he retired from the military and I retired from my career as a Neonatal ICU nurse. With the kiddos all grown up, it was finally time to talk him into Farm Animals!!! I started small with just a few chickens and then slowly weaseled in the idea of tiny dairy goats-fast forward...we quickly outgrew the 3 acres we had in the Dallas Ft Worth area and now have a 13 acre farm in Central Texas. We raise Nigerians and several breeds of poultry and it has turned into a full time adventure! We love every minute of it...well, last week's snowmageddon was debatable!!! Hopefully we won't be seeing that again anytime soon.


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