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Something to add the U.C. conversation. Some bucks and wethers are subject to it while others on similar diets seem not to be. It is commonly believed grain and alfalfa are a factor so many recommend neither for them.

Now, I am going to throw something else into the mix. When I picked up baking soda at Costco today, I mentioned to the lady also getting the large bag that it was for my goats. She said hers was for her elderly gelding - the vet recommended it to reduce the chance of U.C. stones.

Could the difference of our bucks and wethers getting them or not be simply if they have baking soda available at all times? That might explain why some folks report their bucks or wethers eating one or both and not getting them while others get them without eating either.

What think you?

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I'm a bit confused because I thought the way to prevent UC was to acidify the urine, yet baking soda is alkaline.  And wouldn't the baking soda be used up in the digestive system before it could reach the urinary tract?

I've never heard that baking soda would prevent UC either, and it doesn't sound quite right either. I agree with Julianne that it would be used up in the digestive system.

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