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Etta had triplets 5 days ago.  First triplets born on our farm. =)  We weren't home and when we arrived she already had them dried off, nursing and the placenta was out.  I'd say that is an easy kidder! (My favorite kind of birth!)  Etta's last freshening she gave nearly 1/2 gallon of milk per milking, so we are excited to see how much she gives this time!  She has two doelings and a buckling.  The buckling and one of the doelings have blue eyes.  We are retaining the blue eyed kids and the second doeling is for sale!  The sire is also for sale.  He is a small blue eyed buck from Old Mountain Farm and his dam was the top milker at the farm where we got him.

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Congratulations!  As always, they're adorable!  I am also amazed at your doe's production. :)  I'd love to be able to say that my goat milked a half gallon per milking.  Even my Nubian FF didn't do that.

Congratulations! They are beautiful.


Thank you all!  We didn't have the doe for her last freshening, but she had quads and they said that was about how much she gave.  Her dam gives nearly that much too... that's why I bought her!

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