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We are enjoying our first kids so much!!   It is going to be difficult to decide who to keep and who to sell....Bling's triplets are 2 weeks old , Flower's single doe is 6 weeks old. 

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So adorable!! I love the stockings and the gray and white is So pretty!!!

They are gorgeous! I was going to say that I am partial to the one in the center. Love her markings. So tell me what you put on the papers for the color and markings? I'm trying to learn colors.

Well, congratulations!

The black doe on L is "Black with Random White"  The other 2 are "Black and White with Roaning."  Those are descriptions I came up with after reading reading color charts supplied by NDGA. 


They are adorable! Thanks for sharing the photo. I am so eager to know if my two does have settled. I think one has and the other has not. She seems to be in perpetual heat. I'm also envious of all of that green in the background. We have so much snow I have not seen the ground in weeks! Enjoy and good luck with the tough decisions!

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