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Yesterday I had my three 1 week old kids disbudded by the vet.  Everything went well.  This afternoon he must have knocked one of his horns, blood was gushing every where.  Luckily we caught it within 10 minutes of it happening.  I brought him in to the house to clean him up, I pressed a cloth against the point of bleeding and the bleeding has stopped.  But he is trembling like crazy.  I though maybe he was scared, it is his first time outside the barn and away from mama and sisters.  So I took him back down to Mama in the barn.  He just stood and stared and trembled, did not walk around or try to nurse.  I put him in the kid warmer with his sisters and turned on the heat lamp.  he just stood there, staring and shaking.  I could not get him to lay down.  I brought him back up to the house.  He is wrapped in a towel, my hubby is holding him while I post this.  The vet says he would only go in to shock if he lost a ton of blood.  He did loose a fair bit but I don't that much and the bleeding stopped soon after applying pressure.  Any thoughts on what could be going on or what I should do.  The trembling is quite strong, been doing this for almost an hour.  He weight 5.5 pounds and until now has been strong and healthy.

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It's a balancing act. The shivering is somewhat worrisome, but you also don't want him to stay away from mom for too long. But if he's not nursing, you'll have to get milk into him with a bottle, which usually takes a ton of patience with a kid this age. Just hold the bottle in his mouth and let the milk drop down his throat. Let us know how he's doing.

Here is the update.  After about 1 hr of snuggling inside the house wrapped in a towel in front of the masonry fireplace, he finally stopped trembling so he graduated back to the barn.  Mama was happy to see him and received him well.  He still wasn't doing much other than standing and staring.  Finally he settled with his sisters in the warming hut (I turned the light on to heat things up a bit for them) and went to sleep.  Later in the evening before going to bed I went back to the barn and all the kids were up and about, I was relieved so I turned off the heat lamp and went to bed.  This morning he is up and about and behaving normally so I think we are OK now.  Funny though, all 3 babies were shivering.  It was 30F inside the barn and it has certainly been colder this past week with temps outside falling in to the single digits here at night.  So I am a bit surprised that they all seem cold.  Every one is feeding well.  They have more than doubled their weight in 1 week, in fact one of them tripled her weight.  Thanks for getting back to me in my hour of panic yesterday!

Glad he's doing well!

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