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I took one of my junior yearlings to be bred Sunday evening. They did the act three times and there were all the signs of it being successful so I brought her back. However, she's still acting like she is in season. She is still red, still flagging, mounting, and allowing to be mounted. Should I take her back today to be bred again?

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I can tell you my girls acted like they had heat cycles through there entire pregnancies! I didn't think it worked. So I had decided I'd wait till they lost some weight since they were kinda fat and we would try again later. Then I saw baby movement about a month before they gave birth!  They were bred twice in a 48 hr period. And that was the first attempt! They were mounting each other up until the day they had them too!

If it's convenient, I would do it. This is why I'm glad I have my own bucks. I hate it when they do that! "They" say that the later signs are more likely when the doe is actually ovulating. Unfortunately, when you see a doe acting like she's in heat, you don't know if she's going to be done in a couple hours or a couple days. Usually heats don't last more than a day, so I always breed a doe as soon as she is standing. Unfortunately, there are exceptions.

My Middle doeling was in standing heat today!! Too bad my bucklings are too little to reach yet. lol Milton did give it good effort, though. Waiting for the heat cycle after the next to breed, I think. He should be tall enough by then.

Well, by noon she had calmed down and now the redness and swelling of her vulva is completely gone. I ended up not taking her partially because I didn't want to take up any more time from the breeder and partially because I have another junior yearling I'm taking over there to be bred next month so if she comes back into season, I'll just take her along then. Of course, I'm really hoping she got pregnant this month though. I'll guess I'll just have to wait and see!

does standing to be mounted include even if there's no real bucks?

Because our doe doesn't do much of anything when our wethers try to mount her. Sometimes she runs away beforehand, but for the most part she doesn't do anything whether she's in heat or not.

My does won't stand for other does to mount them unless they are in heat. I just haven't been able to catch them in time to get them to bucks. (which is why I now own two of my own)

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