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I trimmed feet 2 weeks ago, then went back again yesterday and the feet on the adults were cracked and looked all jaggedy along the hoof wall. They looked worse than they did when I trimmed them 2 weeks ago. I trimmed off all the splitty parts and they looked like normal again. The baby (6 months) didn't have this. I think I read somewhere that selenium is good to give for that, but I can't remember where or when...Thoughts?

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I don't recall ever reading anything about hoof health and nutrients. If you find that info again, please post the link. I've always written off bad hooves to genetics or neglect (not trimming often enough).

I know nothing about the topic myself, but I found this information that suggests that too much selenium can cause hoof cracking. Don't know how reliable the sources are, it's just info I found by googling:-)

An excerpt from a Goat Medicine book:



Perhaps that is what I read Marin. I would have thought the same thing too Deborah, except that they haven't had this except for this last time. Even their post natal trimmings were not that bad. I'll check my labels and see what comes up.




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