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Yesterday, my son noticed my wether wasn't acting "right".  He seemed sleepy and didn't want to walk.  Well, that evening, my other son was walking him back to the barn and he just stopped in the doorway and sat down and didn't want to get up.  I went over there and when we finally got him to get up, he was very shaky.  His back legs seemed kinda stiff.  But wobbly at the same time.  They didn't seem to want to hold him up.  He also was breathing heavy.  His appetite is fine.  According to my google search, it sounded like selenium deficiency, so I gave him some of that last night.  Today we just left him in the barn so as not to make him walk far.  He isn't as shaky and isn't breathing heavy, but is definitely unstable on his feet.  Is that what it could be?  Could it be something else?  If he was deficient in selenium, how long till he starts getting better?  Is there anything else I can do for him?  I gave him nutridrench just because I figured it couldn't hurt.  I have also made sure he has access to weeds, grass, hay, water, baking soda, and minerals.  I wanted to cover all the bases!

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My goats have stripped the lower parts of my mulberry trees, so I doubt it's your problem. This is really odd.

Anna Cummings said:

He is in the same pen as my buck and he has been fine.  I had moved the pen about 3 weeks ago.  So there wouldn't have been anything new.   ?????  Are mulberries bad for them?  We have several mulberry trees ripe now.  

We haven't been having very good luck here, though.  One cat died in Feb to a parasite and another cat died recently to what they believed was a bone marrow problem.  Both cats were under 2.  :-(  

Anna, let us know if you solve the mystery and how the little wether is doing.
The only thing I can think of was that it was selenium deficiency or white muscle disease I think it's called.  He is doing just fine now.  So, who knows....  I'm just glad he's better.  :-)

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