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Hello everyone. I am writing to thank all of you for posting all of the information, knowledge, & experience that has helped me start my ND adventure. We are empty nesters with 3 adult children. About 3 months ago, we decided to convert an old hog barn on our 7 acres into a goat area. My husband & I are town folk so any kind of livestock was new to us. After a lot of manual labor, the area was ready. Three weeks ago we picked up our "kids". We chose twin tricolored brother & sister. Even though we have experienced a lot of issues (the little boy was to be wethered when we picked him up but he wasn't, they hadn't had any immunizations, they had goat lice, they had the sniffles/cough a day or so after we got them home) but again thanks to all of you we have made it through and they are bringing tons of joy to our lives. I love bottle feeding them and then walking them down the drive way. My family thinks we are crazy but we are super content. Thanks again!

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Welcome, fellow Minnesotans, and congratulations on your new kids.  They're adorable!  I love tricolor goats.

Welcome, I am sure you will enjoy the forum. It is just wonderful here. Great folks! I have to agree with Patty. They are adorable. I love their coloring and am curious since the situation is such, did they disbud the kids? Have you managed to get the buckling castrated yet? I just want you to know they can breed real young. So look out. I do hate you went through so many trials with your first babies. You will have learned a few lessons should you decide to acquire more. Don't worry about what the family thinks. If you are empty nesters then you only need worry about each other and the kids. As it should be. I have come to the conclusion that the perfect way to live is with the kids. I gave birth to 7 children. Most still living with me.(9-29yrs.) We plan not to ever have an empty nest now . Thanks to our NDs, we can always have kids around. Enjoy your new babies.

Yes, we had the local vet take care of the little boy the day after we got them. I also had them immunized and learned how to do the shots myself. Yes, they were both disbudded when we got them. We had requested that when I picked them out. I look forward to all of the time I get to spend with them! Even thinking about showing them at our local county fair:)


Welcome to the group!!

Welcome, My husband and I are empty nesters as well. I started with 4 chickens, then a rabbit and we got our first 2 ND goats two years ago. Now it's 21 chickens, one rooster, 3 more ND goats. We are loving it.  Have fun !

You know what they say... rabbits are the gateway animal... lol

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