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Indiana is due 1/29 Isabel is due 1/31. I can feel the ligaments at the tail head on Isabel but not Indiana...Her udder hasn't fully come in yet, but the kids are really active, and she's just kinda standing around. Is it harder to feel the ligaments as the doe gets older? Is it just me, or could she actually be in labor?

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Tail ligaments can be really tricky. Keep feeling. If her udder is not full, odds are very slim that she is in labor. The first five years I had goats, I was wrong on tail ligaments a LOT, but the udder only fooled me once. Udder is a little trickier on first fresheners, but if it's not at least a handful, odds are about 100 to 1 that she is not in labor. Realistically, most goats would have an udder that you can see from behind before they go into labor. The other thing that is a good indicator of imminent labor is the shape of the abdomen. They're pretty much like a table top during pregnancy. When they're within hours of giving birth, the kids drop, and there is usually a hollow space just below the spine, between the ribs and the hips. I think there is a picture of a goat in labor somewhere on here in my photos. I'll see if I can find it.

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