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Hi! My family recently got 2 baby goats. We got them when they were a few days old and they are now 4 weeks old.  The past couple of days, we have been struggling to get our girl Nigerian dwarf to take her bottle. We have to force her to take 2 oz where as her brother guzzles down 8 oz each feeding. She’s been weak and her stomach is way fatter than her brothers. She is pooping and it isn’t loose. Any advice to help her out?  Thoughts on what could be the issue?  There is so much contradicting info out there!  

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That is definitely bad. Loss of appetite is pretty much the first symptom of anything that could be wrong with a goat. People who don't have a lot of experience will immediately assume it must be whatever was wrong with their goat when it lost its appetite, which is why you're seeing so many different ideas online. 

If you are totally new to goats, I'd take her to the vet. It could be a really bad case of worms or coccidiosis. But at this point rather than guessing and potentially treating her for something that's not a problem, I'd just take her to the vet and get a fecal so you can get the answer right away and start treating it. Or maybe she ate a plastic bag or someone's hair ties. Or maybe there is something wrong with her genetically, which just now showed up. 

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