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I'm getting two goats for a compainion for my mini horse, and  i need a little help with a show name.  I'm not sure that i'm ever going to show, but even if i don't i'd like to have one on it's papers.

i know they call these names show names for horses, but correct me if you don't say the same for goats. 

Ok so first, i've seen show names Like "howling hill's marigold" Howling hill being the name of the farm. I'm getting my goats from Freedom star farm, would i keep that first bit freedom star farm's or could i change it to our farm name, Like "goat hill's?

Also, me and my family have named our goat (pictured below, hopefully) sampson, any good show name ideas with Samson in it? or would i just say "freedom star farm's or Goat Hill's Samson?

Please Help,

Corynn Lewis

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If you want to have goats registered in your name then they need to be born to a doe you own and you need to have a registered herd name.   Since you are buying them, they will be named by the people you are buying them from.   They can choose to let you have a say in the naming or not.   But just because they have a registered name doesn't mean they can't be called by a "barn name" (nickname) of your choosing. 

The person i'm getting the goats from Is letting us pick

But thanks so much for explaination.  I talked to the breeder, and it Has to start with "Freedom star farm's" but anything after that, is fine. So does any body have any goat show name Ideas with samson in it? 

You realize you have limited spaces, how many depending on the registering organization? Probably not over 30 spaces though. So you are going to need to add the letters and spaces from there farm name and 6 for Samson which will not leave many.  Maybe you could add one short word. I checked the website out and they only use  Freedom Star Farm 17 spaces +1 space between farm and next word + 6 for Samson totals 24 another space after that puts you at 25 which would only give you 5 spaces to use. See what I mean? If you plan to use Goat Hill as your Herd Name you could just use G H Samson, GHill Samson, If he is to be a Herd Sire you could Samsons Hill (you know implying that he is King of the Hill, or King Samson King of the hill is every little goats favorite game!) Hope this made a little since I am tired and pretty out of it cause broke ankle last night out putting up my big doe in the dark. Maybe after I have slept I can think of something better. BTW He is really precious.

What a great photo of a really cutie!

Thanks to you all for helping me out with this. I know nothing about registering goats! 

Thanks :)    

Quite often, people name kids something that is similar to the name of either the sire or dam. For example, my eldest doe's name is a musical name, because her sire has a musical name and a good deal of his offspring have musical themed names. I just bred one of my junior yearlings to a buck whose name start with E as well as all his littermates because their dam's name starts with E. So, you could look at his parents and get a few ideas from their names for his registered name but just call him Samson. Just another thought... hope this helps!

He is really cute!  That's a great picture. :)

I need to comment on this guys looks! Well, I am not sure how to put this but he goes a little beyond cute in a NON expert opinion. That would be my hubby. I actually just left my screen sitting with his pic on it last night while I watched my hubby stare at Samson. Every once in a while he would comment that he was really cute or something and once he said he and Popcorn (cream colored doe in our herd) would make pretty babies. He seemed mesmerized while watching him. Abnormal behavior for my hubby so take that as a HUGE complement Corynn. He is tooooo cute and has a striking pose. Don't we wish they would all pose so well. BTW I also like the name Samson. 

His name is atfer the mom, Sam. Beacuse we wanted a name from the bible, so samson was a no-brainer.

Thanks Guys ! I have thirteen charters not inculding samson left for a show name, so any ideas are welcome.

I have one more to name, the one in the picture.

Is this a buck?

Weather, Just in desperate need of a name :)

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