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I have five goats -2 wethers, 2 does, 1 buck - they are all between three and four months old, and I've owned them all since they were 8 wks. I have never given them grain... should I be? If so, I feel terrible that I never gave it to them. Here are their weights:

Buckling - 28 lb ( born March 2nd)

Doe #1 -27 lb (born March 2nd)

Doe #2 -30 lb (born February 23rd)

Both wethers were born February 1st, and both way 31 pounds.

They all seem healthy and happy, just want to make sure I'm doing what's best for them! I know that all the males don't need grain as adults, and the females only need it towards the end of pregnancy and after kidding, but I've seen a lot in the forums about growing goats needing grain. So, yes or no? 

Thanks in advance!

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Those are excellent weights for NDs at those ages, and I always say that if it ain't broke, don't fix it! And don't feel guilty about it. Your does are on track to be big enough to breed as yearlings, if you wanted to do that. They need to be 40# before being bred, so your girls are doing great. 

Here is more information about what goats eat --

Yay! Glad to hear it - they sounded like good weights to me, but I just wanted to make sure. I plan to hopefully breed both does in October or November, provided that they're 40 to 45 pounds.

Thank you!

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