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Hi everyone,  I've tried two different milkers for my goats so far, and have pretty much given up on the vaccuum sealers for one goat - you know, the hand squeeze kind and and the vac. sealer kind.  They just didn't work for us.  I had terrible time with "latch on" and they were very uncomfortable for Ava, my lone milker just now.

I was diagnosed with arthritus at 12, and it's all I can do to milk 1 a day now, but I've got another coming fresh in a few monthes (we hope) and I'm getting 3 more doelings from the best lines I can afford for huge milk quantities and long standing milkability, so I need to get a regular milker. 


I have 3 questions:

1-  do surge milkers work better than any of the others when set correctly (10-12 lbs press and 50/50 or 40/60 pulse)?



2- do regular (standard) goat cups work ok, or do I have to get the mini cups for only nigerians?  Will they work for all the nigerians, or will the super milk lines with the bigger bags have teats too big for the mini?



3- which ones are easiest to keep well cleaned?  I will be washing and hanging to dry in my kitchen sink, unless their is one thats easier!

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I'm sorry I don't exactly understand your dilemma. Perhaps if you gave the brand name of the milker you tried, we'd understand what's happening. It sounds like the inflations are falling off? I haven't heard of that happening before, so it sounds like either a poorly designed milker or user error, especially if it was uncomfortable for the goat. There is no reason you should have any trouble using a hand milker or milking machine on a Nigerian.

I use the Hoegger milking machine, and you can use either sized inflation, although if you only have NDs, I'd suggest getting the mini size. I have both sizes because I used to have la manchas, and the standard size inflations are a little long for a short-legged goat. There is no problem with the inflations staying on the teats though.

I don't have a milking machine, I have the glass jar vacuum sort.  The inexpensive ones from ebay (compared to a real milker) with syringes for teat cups.  I'm actually working out which real machine (vacuum pump, stainless steel bucket, lines, teat cups w/ inflations like the Hoegger one, or my folks offered me their cow surger in good shape.  I'd have to get a new vacuum pump for it, and either standard goat or mini goat inflations/teat cups.  I wasn't sure which to get, and I want to get something that will work.


You did actually answer my question though, Deb.  There are "regular" goat sized inflations, and another special one called "mini" apparently designed for sheep, nigerian dwarfs, and pygmies.  I was debating if a regular goat infaltions  (normal goat - smaller than cow) would be too big.   Thanks!  I guess I'll just get mini, since the standard size is too big.  I mean, I only milk nigerians and since I have to get one anyway. 

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