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Last year my nigerian dwarf doe had two kids.

This year, in January 2016 she aborted three bucklings two weeks before delivery. I saw this stuff hanging out of her and thought oh, she is in labor..It was ugly and it looked like afterbirth hanging from her for about two days until they came out dead. It was the wierdest looking thing I have experienced. I thought it was after birth but it wasn't. I don't know what it was hanging before the kids passed dead. The vet didn't even know as we have vets that don't understand goats.

My question is would it be safe to breed her in Nov/Dec again or will I be taking a change of another abortion?

I have attached pictures and it's quite gross.  I can upload only three on this site, but there were more.


Tried up load three pics they are  3kb sites says only 5MB????? so doing 2?

trying again only something is wrong can't upload pictures

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If you don't know why she aborted, then no one could say whether or not it will happen again. If it was something infectious like toxoplasmosis that she got from a barn cat, then she should be fine in the future. If it was something like copper deficiency, then it could happen again if she is still deficient. If she wound up with a uterine infection due to having dead kids inside of her for two days, then that could keep her from getting pregnant.

Thanks Deborah, at this point I don't even have a clue why.  The three  dead bucklings looked okay except I noticed that they had "large" testicles.  Normally, they aren't that big.  The stuff coming out of her is what I don't know what it is...looked like afterbirth will two tennis balls, but can't upload pictures as the site won't let me.

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