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I am wondering how to pull as much fat as possible out of the milk while still keeping it in it's raw form.  I have been looking for 2 days now  on how to produce skim milk from raw milk and have not found an exact answer.  The cream that rises to the that ALL of the fat in the milk or just some of it?  

I specifically need to remove the saturated fat. I have a gene mutation called MTFHR that effects my cholesterol and causes inflammation of the heart and other organs.  My cholesterol can easily go over 300 with too much dairy fat.  Skim works fine and even 1 %.  Goat milk is anti inflammatory and that is something that is needed for MTHFR people.  I am in a catch 22 with the goat milk and really want to use it if I can make this work. 

Any info will help.  Thank you in advance.

Extra info.  I am currently milking a standard Toggenburg.  I feed her Purina Goat chow and about a half cup of crimped oats a day.  She has alfalfa free choice and some hay.  The grass is coming on and she is ignoring the hay but still eats the alfalfa.  Will removing any of this lower the fat naturally.  I suspect the oats could go.  She has a large 4 week old single on her and me milking twice a day.  Her production is increasing almost daily right now.   I get a quart and a half to 2 quarts in the morning and quart to a quart and a half in the evening.  She is currently copper deficient and I am supplementing her and a have bolused her recently. 

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You would have to have a cream separator, which is a machine that you can buy through a few different places online. Most sources say that goat milk is naturally homogenized because it does NOT separate like cow milk. A little cream rises to the top but not much. Toggs have butterfat that's about as low as it gets. Please do not try to alter the goat's butterfat by reducing her feed. She'll just get skinny. The only thing that's been proven to increase butterfat is black oil sunflower seeds, so if you were feeding her that, you could stop, but otherwise there's nothing you can do to decrease her butterfat.

Good to know about the BOSS.  I am not feeding that.  I was concerned about the oats more than anything.  She does not over eat and is at a healthy weight so will keep doing what I am doing.  Thank you for the clarification about the separator.  There was a lot of discussion on these with goats that I read that was not exactly positive.  For my life convenience is not a factor.  Best function is the way I have to go so will look into "home" separators.  

Thanks again.  Have a nice weekend. 

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