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I currently have 6 ND out with my 15.2 hand horse. Their pasture is surrounded by the electric goat fence from premier one with part of it being the 2" electric tape..4 strands of it starting at about 4 " off the ground. The goat fence is 42" tall.  The charger is a Cube and packs a wallop. My question is that enough predator protection or is there something else you would suggest? At this point a guardian animal is not a possibility . The permanent fencing plan is to use the 48" metal mesh and I am thinking that I should run a hot wire above the top and along the bottom on the outside to deter digging. Unfortunately, we won't be able to put in the permanent fencing for at least another month.
The predators of which I speak are coyotes, bobcats and bears. I am thinking the coyote is the biggest concern. I live in CT if that helps. I was told that there are some coyotes across town that have taken down a few deer so I am a bit nervous..but I hate to lock the goats in the barn nonstop as well.

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I have serious predators here-- coyotes and bears especially. I too have electric wire fencing (6 wire). Bears used to come through here before the fence went up -- so when I first installed the electric, I put a piece of bacon (raw) on the fence hanging from the top wire on three sides (the most vulnerable sides and the closest to the trash can -- a regular bear visiting spot). The idea is the bears take the "bait" and get wholloped by the charge. They did take the bait and ever since I have not seen any bears near my yard although they still go through the next property over. The coyotes cased my fence at first, especially when I had young kids, but it only takes being bitten by the fence once to convince them. I haven't had any problems and it's been right at a year. I do put my goats in the barn at night when the sun goes down. Occasionally I hear a predator hit the fence and scream (at night). 

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